Washi of the Month Subscription

Washi of the Month Subscription

Washi of the Month Subscription

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Subscribe to get 3 rolls of coordinated washi each month.  The included roll sizes may vary from month to month, but will typically include some larger and some smaller washi ranging between 25mm (largest) and 5mm (smallest).  This Washi collection will go along with one of the MLP sticker kit designs for the corresponding month, and ONE of the three washi tapes will include foil. The length for each included washi tape is 10 meters.

The first set of washi tape is expected to ship out at the beginning of November, and it will go along with one of the January 2022 monthly kits to be released on October 29th. Going forward, we plan to ship out the washi a little before the monthly new release, so that subscribers can have the washi in hand prior to ordering sticker kits for that month - the timing just didn't work out for us to do that on this first one.

The first monthly subscription fee ($15) will be charged at the time of purchase, and the recurring monthly fee will be processed on the 9th day of the month going forward.

FREE US Shipping is always included!

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